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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with breaking news. >> pam: breaking news breaking news right now. accused cop killer- christopher dorner. is surrounded in a southern california cabin. here it is -- on fire just moments ago. swat teams outisde and ready. they are ready. the former
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lapd officer declared war on police. and there is late word today. that another officer has been killed reportedly by dorner. grant lodes is standing by with what's happening right now. this is a very fluid situation. >> yes. here's what we know is happening right now: swat team members, deputies and officers believe they home in the big bear lake area. they do not know how the fire started. it is important to mention that he could still be inside. we just listened to a press conference and the past five minutes. they do not know where he is. and he is believed to be heavily armed. he could potentially could have escaped. if the
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past? they do not know where he is in the sand bernadine o deputy hdied. however, the secula second... san bernadino is in critical custody that was involved with the shoot out with christopher dorner. this standoff comes after dorner reportedly had two different shootouts with authorieis. multiple media outlets in los angeles are reporting that one deputy has died hospitalized after being shot. this cabinet is engulfed in flames and smoke that kevi capt >> also, the roads are going to stay in close i would say for at least a few hours, probably longer.
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>> cindy bauckman.. with the... >> pam: bad news conference is just wrapping up with big bear. if that news conference. we will bring you that latest information's however, alsojust in -- we have an audio recording of the earlier gun fight between dorner and law enforcement. let us take a listen. >> you will! (shots)
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again -- we know two officers were wounded today. within the hour. word that one of the two has died. christopher dorner is now suspected in four murders since sunday february 3rd. right now, the suspect is barricaded in a cabin. justine waldman is standing by with more on how the events have unfolded in the last few hours. >> reporter: the los angeles police department gave an update. >> today, about 12: they received a call of a stolen vehicle. near club view drive and this stolen
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vehicle was similar in appearance to christopher dorner. they immediately conducted a ground and air search that highway 38 & glass road or the suspect flaw fled into the road. and after that, he barricaded himself into a big bea r cabine just moments ago the los angeles police department gave an update on the search for chris dorner. here is a breakdown of how things unfolded today. one of the deputies. police, the fbi and swat teams have been combing the big bear area since last week in what's being considered one of the largest manhunts in southern california history. right now, charles clifford gives us a closer look at the area where all this is happening. >> reporter: the short time
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later, the suspect that matched the suspect's description of christopher dorner reportedly took this as christopher dorner. he was leader of the scene near highway 38/highway 38 and class road. he then abandoned the vehicle, and took off into the woods. after this, he has exchanged gunfire with two different su sheriff' one, however, has died. this, from the san bernadino police officer. and the former law enforcement is >> we are trying to
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understand exactly the tactics that are being employed at the mountains of the san bernadino ... department can you help us understand what is happening. >> as you know, i think the first step that law enforcement takes a step like that is establishing a secure perimeter. given, that i suspected this took place several hours ago, i would assume that they had pretty credible information that he was inside. and in terms of what has happened since then and why action was taken i cannot speculate. i can only understand that the tactical information and officer on the scene is well aware of these resources available
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to him. and the threat that the suspect, opposes. we are talking about the number of weapons that he has, and ammunition that the suspect has. in terms of the recent fire increase in defense i do not know not for me to speculate. how to his skills come into play of the tactics are being brought drawn up at this point? >> it is fair to assume that he understands police tactics and responding to a dangerous suspect. after he stole the car and got into the kevikevicainto the cabin
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based on his own experience. >> pam: with this fire, if indeed of law enforcement started this fire was set the strategy to smoke him out? >> that would be a strategy by hate to speculate weather or not they did it. and why they did it. you know, the circumstances at the scene at a large part dictate to what steps the officers take. >> pam: what would perhaps the level of adrenaline from the officers be right
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now? with previous deaths from one of their own? how were they try to keep your own emotions and adrenaline and check? >> they are professionals. on the other hand, there is nothing more devastating than losing a brother, sister officer in the line of fire. when i was the police chief in san francisco we lost officers and was one of the darkest moments in my life. >> pam: if this moves into the evening in this dense in complicated area? >> first of all, i think and i suspect that they have technology on their side. i am sure that the federal authorities have come and with and the equipment that they need. certainly, with night vision goggles and so forth. a whole variety of
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technologically advanced tools fell law enforcement can use. >> they're still no confirmation that he was in that cabin what would likely be the next step? >> again, i cannot really speculate. if the fire was started inside by who was ever inside it would be fairly safe to speculate that he started the fire. and that led to his own demise. if that was started by law enforcement or outside forces, than i do not know. i suspect that on the of events that took place today and the response of thesan bernadino which
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have done an outstanding job they have a good idea of weather or not he is in there. >> pam: nonetheless, that if he is inside that cabinet is not far from where this car was discovered not that long ago if he is in deep inside that cabin... >> correct. after we have been watching those news reports all day i think that it is going to be a couple of days before this all hashes out. if he can be confirmed has been in the house or in the custody before we go off the air tonight. in >> as you see one of your own take a turn with your former background as a
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police chief? >> as we go of their ranks of law enforcement we realize that one of our greatest responsibilities is for the safety of the officers that work for us. at any time if aaron officer is life after it's taken it is devastating. even though, i am sure that no law enforcement is to blame. you cannot help but they is there something that i could have done? it is a devastating feeling of lack of control. that we all have felt at some time. it is devastating. >> pam: the former police chief of san francisco is now teaching at usf, thank you so much. a very complicated set of the events of the san bernadino
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mountains grant? >> reporter: this continues to burn. this is the cabin where he has been hiding for the better part of today. this appears to have been collapsed. what was a home is now rubble and ash. it is not clear if the suspect, is in sight, christopher dorner or if he has escaped. when we come back, if he is inside and we do have a [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call to get u-verse tv starting at just $19 a month
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>> pam: our breaking news continues. it has been believed that christopher dorner, has being held up it is still not clear if he was inside that cabin. nonetheless, the understanding is that they have been the surrounding that area we have a cnn reporter in that area, chris, thank you for your time what is the latest of formation that you have?
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>> reporter: i am about to5 mi. away to 0.5 mi. away. and we are not even able to see i am just about one half miles away from that area this is the closes that they're able to allow us. we have been told by several fog enforcement officers that the law enforcement officers have said that thathey are not aware of any hostages involved. that is with the spokeswoman for the police department is telling reporters. they still believe that christopher dorner was inside of this cabinet weather or not h still is or not is still not quite sure >> pam: that a staging area, what else is for one on in that area >> reporter: reporter right
5:19 pm
here, these are officers. the only people that we have seen our law enforcement officials. and even this is very sensitive they are even being stopped. the confusion. this entire afternoon started on the other side of the mountain. 20-25 mountains, is big bear that is this city. where there have been a burned out truck found last week. that is very near where he ended up brokibroke into a home, and stole a car and he was even approached by officials and he opened fire on california fish & wildlife. they've managed to escape unharmed however, he opened fire on two san bernadino officers with one
5:20 pm
recently perished. >> pam: perhaps nobody if it has familiar with that. that is a difficult area to search can you describe that area for people that might not be familiar? >> reporter: extremely difficult this city of big bear is small. perhaps maybe the second firetruck hyoscine and other cars have been pedestrians' but you have seen it. that was only the second -- firetruck i have seen. and that is where we are, he essentially is the woods. beyond that, perhaps a 25-30 mi. that they have been searching. this is the back country of california. just a few days ago, they had a big dumping of snow which was extremely
5:21 pm
difficult. and they are still trying to figure out if he was held up and the woods or perhaps in some other area? >> pam: chris wells.. thank you so much for your update. we appreciate your update and we will likely be contacting you again and let us check in again with grant. >> reporter: the suspect, christopher dorner is the inside of that cap and that we see burning? there have reason to believe that he is still inside of that cabin. however, they do not know if there are other people inside of there with them. they do not want to endanger anyone else and of course there has been one enforcement officer killed. with two different civilians killed and reportedly, with
5:22 pm
this individual, christopher dorner has been on a killing spree. he has been a disgruntled terminated employee from the lapd. we will continue to keep you updated and a quick break and be right back. you can't move the tv there.
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>> pam: we continue to provide continuing coverage with the manhunt intensifying. near big bear this cabin fire is where believe to be the place where christopher dorner has been last seen it. still, no
5:26 pm
word of view weather or not he was in sight. this latest episode has been on folding under all afternoon. and grant, can you give as a recap your year earlier? >> the afternoon news meeting that there were shots fired from twitter. not confirm if christopher dorner was involved. however, with shots fired in this area and there were two separate shootouts. the first was fish & gain. no injuries there but after that, a home invasion. where he was accused of entering a home, tying up the residents and taking their car. the victims of that home invasion called authorities.
5:27 pm
they set up a roadblock after receiving a call. and to the gunfight with the deputies started after the roadblock. one deputy was shot. and that is where he ended up in another cavan. >> pam: he is now responsible for >> pam: corner is now responsible for corner... christopher corne asserts
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>> pam: we continue the updated coverage of the manhunt near big bear lake. of christopher dorner this is a live picture of this cabin that is been surrounded by law enforcement. it is believed that he was in sight and has not a merged he has not emerged from this cabinet
5:31 pm
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>> pam: we bring you the latest from christopher dorner ... from big bear lake. >> reporter: as for imagine, we are miles away, and let me pass on some new information we are2. 5 miles come haazig madyuninto the distt chief, that a suspect that
5:35 pm
it tried to get out of the back door of that cabin... pressed back inside this must have been a severe structural damage. this must have been a short time ago. it seems that he believed to have tried to escape. they do not believe for are not aware of any hostages. >> pam: hall with the law enforcement go about verification weather or not it was christopher dorner? >> reporter: at this point i think that they are still waiting to develop the last i heard from this conference is that they are keeping everyone, including law enforcement away. they are not even letting it the fire
5:36 pm
department on the scene because it is still active. >> pam: the kavanaugthe cabin is still blocked? >> correct we have had people from with this section and wheat died in a much earlier thankfully they put a moratorium on the media. even though from just this staging area we are 2.5 miles from that kavanaugh. there were shots fired and we understand that ammunition inside was going off in side of that cabin. and small could devices were thrown inside. >> pam: christopher, i know that you are gathering more
5:37 pm
information thank-you. at this point it appears that christopher dorner is the suspect confessed 4 murders. with deputies that the shoot out happened today. let us check-in with grant lodes. >> we have emergency vehicles that are are riding on the scene. this is video. vehicles are ridin the vehiclese arriving and this kavanaugh is completely almost burned to the ground.
5:38 pm
we also have a video that he was purchasing scuba gear earlier this week. perhaps if he is able to indoor inside of this kevin, if he could partially or actually survive that smoke with the recent purchase of the scuba gear. >> pam: he is believed to be an excellent marksman and justin waldman is also joining us.
5:39 pm
>> let me read it to you from twitter. this is from our officer who was shot today by christopher corner. our community is in grave loss from our officer that was just lost. also, something that else is from a saying that twitter is that he never came out from the cabinet battles with the a p is a saying. they also have stopped-- authorities have requested that people stop using twitter because if in fact,
5:40 pm
christopher dorner does have in fact have access to twitter this would give him more information. because i am providing a re tweet fee d. your welcome to follow me on twitter, at christine waldman. at 4:00 p.m., when the authorities have been surrounded in this cabin. it it just started to collapse and there are details that he has never emerged. we will provide you with the latest updates. >> pam: let me continue to provide you with updates on exactly where this is. charles? >> reporter: yes. there are a lot of things happening
5:41 pm
and i want to show you exactly with a google earth. the search teams have been watching and searching for him east of los angeles. tuesday morning, they responded to with a demand that matched christopher borderchristopher dorner suspect description. and after that, fish and was light spot of that truck on highway 38 and highway glass roof. there was an exchange of gunfire. he ditched the truck. he went into the woods. after that, he was called into seven oaks road. and he was involved with a shoot out. one deputy was killed and another was seriously injured. they believe that heat is barricaded inside of this home. it is a main home that he is irritated and
5:42 pm
side of this cabinet that is on fire. that he has >> we also believe that there was one single shot inside from that cabin. they have been firing tear gas inside of that cabin. yet is indicated that he could have possibly have taken his own life. a single gunshot was heard right before that fire started. we will continue to keep the monitoring nests with christopher dorner that has nearly been burned to
5:43 pm
the ground inside of that cabin. we will be back
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5:46 pm
>> pam: of our continuing coverage of christopher dorner continues and the mayor of big bear is on the phone with us. thank you, so much for joining us what can you tell us? >> we do not have any more current information and use to. that is where the suspect is, in this cabin. it is about 25 mi. exit it is moving south. we are very thankful that our residents and server tourists are safe. >> pam: are more roads into
5:47 pm
this area of being opened? >> yes. earlier, all of the major highways were closed. highway 38, however still is closed. but there are other highways that are open. in >> schools were also on lockdown in that area? >> yes, that is standard operating procedure. we have also done that earlier in the week when this was discovered when it has been taken off. there however has been one elementary school who is current status, i do not know. >> pam: this has been such an intense week can you describe that for us? >> it has certainly been intense and we are very resilient in the mountains. we are used to dealing with adversity and our residents
5:48 pm
are amazing. >> pam: this cabin has nearly been burned to the ground. with no sign of pam emerging. would that raised more concerns of he did not- a merge -- if he did escape if he was not found. and the fire. >> we will soon be found to find that out courthous >> pam: are you satisfied with the information that you are receiving? >> absolutely, the law in force and has been extremely professional with the dealings. the law- enforcement. >> pam: can you describe your concerns earlier with the shoot out. where the deputies were wounded and one has subsequently, past. >> we are heartbroken as a community we have an incredible immense amount of
5:49 pm
gratitude as one has died protecting us. we want to think our thoughts and prayers on those men and their families. >> pam: are the people still on alert that this has not ended. >> we have been on alert for the last one week. our community is very vigilant and will continue to be diligent. mayor, from big bear thank you, so much for speaking with us. we appreciate your time and. let us check-in with grant lodes. >> reporter: this continues to burn. it is now dark. it is now completely burned to the ground. we are getting more information a couple of interesting things to note to. there was one gunshot
5:50 pm
that was heard he has not emerged from the cabin according to associated press.
5:51 pm
>> i will say this now in spanish. >> we are listening to the los angeles mayor in expressing his condolences of the san bernadino sheriff that has recently lost his life that as our partnership relationship with the cnn that that was anderson cooper expressing the details of the mayor of los angeles conveying his sorrow to the family. >> pam: please what is your name? >> andrew i am from the
5:52 pm
headquarters of the downtown los angeles newspaper. >> pam: think to some much for your time can you tell us about the information that you have gathered? >> we have just received a report that describes the last moment there was a single gunshot wound where christopher dorner was believed to of being hold a held up. when they did not get any response many people i've described this as peeling an onion flames started to spread.
5:53 pm
>> were there any indications or areas of christopher dorner? >> what i have been told is that there was going to be a search of that cabin. when the remnants of the flames died down and extinguish the will of make a positive identification. >> >> we understand from his online posted manifestation that he was prepared in essence be killed in this process. with his revenge killing spree is that the speculation at this point. that that one single gunshot heard was his gun shot killing himself? >> id it does appear that way. it appears that way but that is our understanding. >> pam: kantor, thank you so
5:54 pm
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at&t. ♪ >> pam: this is our breaking news the search continues for christopher dorner. this is believed where he was held up in this cabin. a single gunshot has been hurt and there is speculation that he could have killed himself. s law enforcement was moving in. we are awaiting confirmation. we will be back with more. .
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>> pam: coming up latest
6:01 pm
with the manhunt not the suspect in 4 boarders christopher corner. four-murders
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now with a developed in story. >> pam: tonight, we are following too different developing stories. the manhunt for the cop killer christopher dorner and of course the state of the union address. and washington for the latest, catherine heenan. >> catherine: yes just moments away we have seen and the first lady and interesting that the galleries are going to be filled with victims that are filling the senate gallery. this is his first since being reelected. with a passion for gun-control
6:04 pm
there will talk about bringing tens of thousands of american troops from afghanistan. stay with kron 4 we will bring you updates. >> pam: we are giving you the state of the union in its entirety go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebook and twitter feed. >> and breaking news christopher dorner, this continues. grant lodes. we still do not know the fate of christopher dorner. and if his remains are found but we hear that he did not escape. this was an
6:05 pm
interview from the los angeles times to really has a play-by-play of what happened. as we continue to see this after there have been too different, and battles. these windows are broken and this section of that cabin and they brought out a loud speaker urging him to give himself up. when they do not, they started peeling back the walls. with a large machine, like an onion is how it was described. when they heard that one single gunshot. that it was this search is
6:06 pm
going to be focusing on the basement. that is the latest. >> pam: justin waldman has the latest? >> reporter: this is from the mayor of los angeles from twitter our thoughts and prayers are with the family tirelessly protected our community and he gave his life. that one a single
6:07 pm
gunshot was heard and we are also hearing that the sec sent deputy has multiple gunshot wounds but is expected it to survive. the fate however, is still undetermined. we will keep you updated charles clifford has the latest. >> yes, this is big bear this city. to the east tuesday morning, they responded to fair oaks drive were a man was matching his description that stole a white pickup
6:08 pm
truck. also, there were to fish and wildlife that exchanged gunfire with christopher dorner. he was found a short time later along seven oaks road. this is worthy exchanged gunfire with the sheriff's office won the deputy was killed. one was seriously injured. this is where we believe that it is on fire and this entire area. >> thank you, charles. for those that might not have been aware this is a very densely all section. these
6:09 pm
are difficult roads to travel. and as you perhaps heard earlier, this cabin that has been burning where it was set on fire by police. it was not that far from where his car was found just a few of days ago with an axle broken. you can get a sense of how densely populated and difficult this area is. >> we are continuing to monitor this situation and the question now is it dead or alive. it is presumed to be and there, his remains have not been found. but that is the time line of what we're waiting for. in fact where is he he is presumed dead but there is no confirmation. we might not even know tomorrow if
6:10 pm
his remains are found yet. they will focus and the search of the basement of that cabin. we also have a sound bite from a san inf bernadino spokesperson. >> we received a report that the vehicle had been stolen from their home. they also reported that the subject who stole that matched the description of christopher dorner. immediately, all available officers began to surround the area. air units
6:11 pm
were employed. they located the vehicle. the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled in foyt on to the forest and barricaded himself inside of a cabin and fled by foot-after that, there was an exchange of gunfire. there was an exchange of gunfire from the people inside of the cabin and outside. >> that was the point where christopher dorner was held up. it has nearly been burned to the ground. and after he allegedly entered the home isn't height of the occupants. of 40's recalled the officers were not hurt. and he entered the cabinet has been nearly burned to the ground. then officers,
6:12 pm
in teach in a roadblock with them however, one has perished. the other deputy, has a serious injuries but is expected to survive. we will keep you updated on this and also the latest with the presidential state of the union address.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> you are looking at this live picture of the state of the union. there is a long procession as he makes his way to the podium you can watch this completely on comcast 193. we will follow developments as well as the manhunt and the southern california and we will be back.
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
6:18 pm
>> pam: the manhunt continues. you want to go back to chris wells where he has been on the scene. what is the latest information?
6:19 pm
>> we have seen a couple of firetrucks. we have heard from sources that they will be getting to this closer section to be able to search what is left of this burned down home. we also have learned that about one- 1.5 hours ago that one of our resources had the subject, presumed had to try to get out of bed to backer door. and was pushed back and. and that back-door is now backtracking that statement. they are not positive we are well aware that this is a fluid
6:20 pm
situation. >> pam: chris, based on what we are hearing. they heard a gunshot just before that are you hearing anything? >> where we are, they are basically going to set up another section. perhaps on the other side of the mountain. from where we are, residents could have heard something. we are basically in the wilderness.
6:21 pm
>> of course of nightfall is upon us what is the plan for the law enforcement? >> that is a good question. they are trying to figure out weather or not he was in that cabin. everybody has been watching, the media that is what they are going to continue to monitor. because it is by fall and the temperatures are dropping. who knows, temperatures are going to be dropping. that could produce a lot more search crews or for anybody who is investigating. >> christopher, thank you
6:22 pm
giving us a sense of development's. we are waiting for some confirmation about the outcome. where a gun shot was heard. let us check back in with justin waldman. >> i have new information about the officer that was killed. this is for recite police officer, michael crane. his funeral will be tomorrow. and governor jerry brown will be in attendance. i will continue to provide you with information from social media. s and. san bernadino office we will continue to keep you updated. >> pam: this is video from
6:23 pm
earlier of the fire that was found earlier were he was believed to have been holed up. we want to bring you sound from an earlier situation and an earlier interview. >> this manhunt for future los angeles police officer on the phone, is the mayor of a big bear. thank you so much. >> we do not have any more current affirmation is that this is the section. nearly 20 mi. south of big bear. we are happy that our residents are safe. >> pam: are more road is
6:24 pm
open? since this area has been the focal point. >> yes. all areas were closed and high with 38 is still closed. however, the other two highways are open. >> pam: earlier, the schools were of lockdown. >> yes, that is standard operating procedure. we lock down the schools and we of done that earlier when the suspect was discovered. but i do understand that there is one elementary school. >> this has been such an intense section for yorktown. >> absolutely but i'm very proud we are very resilient. we are used to dealing with
6:25 pm
adversity and we are very resilient. >> pam: that cabin has been nearly burned to the ground and no sign. could that breeze more concerned that if he did not die in the process that if he died in the process? >> we will certainly be are you satisfied? >> absolutely. we have been very, very impressed. with our law enforcement help from outside agencies. >> pam: can you describe the situation when it was learned that that man was shot, the officer was
6:26 pm
shot by christopher boehner. >> we were devastated and what to keep our thoughts with the christopher--- dorner... shot one of our officers on that road block, earlier today. >> we have been on alert all day and we will continue to be diligent and diligent and >> >> we continue to provide you with the latest, grant? >> that fire that we have seen it is obviously dark in that area. it is believed
6:27 pm
that they shot inside of this, with tear gas, and then a machine was brought in to bring down the walls. however, also there is speculation that one gunshot heard from inside is possibly from christopher for fa self-inflicted wound from christopher dorner. these chute are out happened today, with fish and game with no fatalities, thankfully. and the other, was when christopher dorner entered a structure. he tied up the two people inside of that resident. and then he took their vehicle. once the roadblock from bad stolen
6:28 pm
vehicle is when that the tragedy happened of that fourth fatality today. the officials believe that he i wa in there, and he is still inside there. however, we of not been able to confirm that he was in there. we will continue to provide you with updates when officials are going to go to the basement of that section of the house. that is believed where he was. the emergency vehicles will be on the scene. we will keep you updated on this search for christopher dorner and of course, the
6:29 pm
president state of the union address. we will have the latest on of those items. well, well, well.
6:30 pm
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>> >> we are following two developing stories with the state of the union and christopher dorner. catherine has the latest. >> catherine: he has a very challenging and divided congress. and with a very ambitious agenda with new government investment. revamping integration and let us make a point. look at john boehner. he said that president obama does not have the guts or courage to get anything done. the president knows that he is
6:33 pm
addressing a congress that is sharply divided. right out of the box he made a plea to work together. and even from john kennedy, let us listen. >> fellow americans, 51 years ago, john f. kennedy declared to this chamber that the constitution makes us not rivals for power but parker's for progress. (cheers & applause) partners for progress. >> it is my task, he said to report the state of the union. to improve it is the task of us all. tonight, thanks to the grit and determination of the american people there is much progress to report. >> catherine: he got a big round of applause. with
6:34 pm
people in improving with returning from the military and we will keep you updated that you can watch it on comcast 193. we will keep you updated on this. >> of course our other big story is the manhunt for christopher dorner. the suspect and 4 murders. grant? >> the los angeles headline right now is it dead or alive. there is no confirmation that he is either dead or alive. it caught fire about 4:15, 4:20. the of events that led to that were recaptured. he
6:35 pm
was in that cabin for a few hours later. and authorities were breaking the windows and threw tear gas. they have requested that he turned himself and and this large machine was used to peel back these walls of the cabin. only one remained. that is when the fire started. law enforcement heard one single gunshot. presumed to be christopher dorner taking his own life. this has burned to the ground. the first responders are allowed to return the search will be rampant. and there will be
6:36 pm
searching in the basement where he believed to have been hiding out. before that fire engulfed the entire home. dead or alive, is he dead or alive that this a question. we will continued to keep you updated. >> pam: of course, just being updated is social media and justin waldman has been following that. >> governor jerry brown is going to be in attendance for officer crane who was killed today by christopher dorner. the other officer is still in the surgery. we know that the other one died upon a of rival and the
6:37 pm
coroner has led the vehicles out of these are two candles. one for each officer that was shot today. one is still fighting for his life and the other pass away. those are some of the dramatic images tune of what is unfolding in the big bear area. we are going to continue to bring you updates. many of this is asking weather or not he is dead or alive. what we're starting to try to do is bring you the latest. >> pam: that community is still on edge because it is really not breathing in the closure to that. >> that is correct. they do not know if he is still wearing body year. or if
6:38 pm
indeed he collapsed inside and out structure. >> pam: charles clifford can you help these people in northern california with never been to the big bear region. can you help us understand how this area is? >> there are a lot of pine trees. let us take a look get google map. big bear is about 25 mi. east of the any major city. two hours east of los angeles. this person appeared to resemble christopher dorner. and 8 mi. selsouth stolen vehicle
6:39 pm
was spotted. a shootout ensued. fish and wildlife, thankfully were not hurt. christopher dorner fled on foot a roadblock was set up. that is one officer craig was killed this is when officer- crane.... was killed during this roadblock when gunfire was exchanged with christopher dorner. after that gunfire, christopher corner truc christopher dorner was believed to be inside of this cabin but has since burned. we will be back.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
>> catherine: the president is delivering the first state of the union since he
6:43 pm
has been reelected. let us listen. >> nothing that i am proposing should increase our deficit. it is not a bigger government that we need but a smarter government and invests in broad based growth. (cheers & applause) that is what we should be looking for. >> catherine: michael yaki is here and you see some surprises pretty much are seeing that the topics are predictable. >> yes. however, the first curve ball was that he was talking about burying entitlement with reform. and medicare. burying- entitlement with medicare reform. and marrying -- entitlement with medicare and a fair trial is the means adjustment for
6:44 pm
increasing prescription drug costs. >> catherine: that is going to be coming up? >> yes he is our dimension that topic. people think that it is a very interesting topic. >> catherine: you mentioned earlier that it has to happen pretty soon. and that these are born to be more idea is. it is not going to be easy. >> between now and the next stage of the union. banking on a love couple of things. the middle-class, jobs, and with the inaugural address. this is about creating 15 different manufacturing hobbes across the country. >> and the wants to spend the money to create jobs.
6:45 pm
>> the question is that he is spending money but the same time this is where the tax reform partnership, sen. that is why he wants to put medicare on the table. to put medicare, and other programs to basically bring in another, revamped headstart program on steroids. quality preschool for every school and every child in the country. >> catherine: we heard that aggressive presidential attitude in the beginning. perhaps a bit more conciliatory tonight? >> yes. he was using that john kennedy statement in the beginning. and the big close tonight is going to be on newton. and of course who
6:46 pm
is invited by the first lady. the big finish tonight is newton. he will use all of his powers to say that this is something that we have to get it done. if you want a benchmark, gun- control and immigration control. hannah and they are hoping that the trade by medicare will give him the time to press that a sequester. >> catherine: and i do not know if she made it but there is a florida grand mother, one outer two years -- she is 102 years old-and she waited to vote for him? >> yes, she is there. >> that is amazing. >> pam: the hunt is on for
6:47 pm
christopher dorner that is suspected in four murders. the most recent today where there are law enforcement. let us check-in with grant lodes. >> yes, still no confirmation of weather or not christopher dorner is dead. they are still trying to figure arif he is in sight, dead. the report is that he did not emerge. the windows
6:48 pm
were shot out. as this has been escalating. they shoot out the windows and use a loud speaker to urge christopher dorner, the former los angeles police officer to come out when that did not happen they began to peel back the walls. right around that time is when they heard a single gunshot. presumed by many to be christopher dorner who took his own life. with that single gunshot that was heard. >> pam: adjusting has been keeping us updated through social media >> yes the latest i am seeing is that a press
6:49 pm
conference will be held at 9:00 p.m. pacific time. and i am not even sure which is if los angeles police department will be held or as soon as that starts will bring you that information. we are trying to give you the latest information there is a lot of information on twitter. weather or not he is a dead or alive we are not going to report anything but we will keep you updated the latest on this conference. >> pam: thank-you. that is the headline for the los angeles times newspaper... is he dead or alive?
6:50 pm
well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
>> pam: our continuing coverage continues of christopher dorner.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> pam: at last for the los angeles please department and officials will hold a briefing at 9:00 p.m. we will be monitoring that news conference at 9:00 p.m. to bring you the latest. it has been in tense and tumultuous. of course of the puzzle that hangs over this situation is weather or not he is alive or dead. a gunshot was fired just before he was moved into that cabin. and grant, can you walk us through that particular episode? certainly the most intense
6:57 pm
exchange. >> corrected there were two separate shootouts. there was one deputy that has passed. once dorner is believed to be in this cabin. that is when the law enforcement officials started going they peeled back balls. right now, the question is that is he dead or alive? that is will continue to follow. >> we will continue to stay on top of that and jacqueline? >> it was a really nice day today. temperatures were a tad bit cooler. 64 in
6:58 pm
concord, santa rosa and the 60s and san jose. a chilly night tonight and another nice mild afternoon. warmer conditions for the rest of the workweek. temperatures in the upper 60s. we will with a chance of showers returning tuesday. >> catherine: the president is in the middle of the state of the union on how he wants to bring troops home from afghanistan, raising the minimum wage with the republicans are not thrilled about and a strengthening the middle-class. that will track spending will keep you updated at 8:00 p.m. >> pam: we will also have the latest on the state of the union and the fugitive search for christopher dorner. .
6:59 pm

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